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07 July 2009

All Together Now - From Social Media To Social Good

RebootBritain_NESTA 1

This is an essay I wrote for NESTA under their "Reboot Britain" theme (which was also a conference) - about how new digital possibilities can help to "tackle the challenges we face as a country".

I didn't particularly talk about Britain but the relationship between social connectivity and global philanthropy in general (in fact, I expanded on an earlier post on this blog ages ago).

You can download the full pamphlet of essays here Download RebootBritain_NESTA - mine is among a load of other excellent pieces from rather clever people in whose company I am extremely happy to be.

It was also published in The Independent online (one of the UK's national daily broadsheet newspapers) and I blogged it on Green Thing too.


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This is good to read and I appreciate it that you shared something good. Thanks.

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